Projects from HackFiesta 3.0


Frameworks: Kotlin, Open Source API

Designed and developed a keyboard with an integrated dictionary feature that allows users to seamlessly access word meanings while typing. The keyboard provided real-time definitions for words typed by the user, enhancing their typing experience by eliminating the need for external dictionary apps or browser searches.

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Frameworks: Node.js, Angular, MongoDB

In today's world, many candidates struggle to find the right tools and guidance to navigate the recruitment process successfully. We often visit multiple websites during our preparation. Most of them are paid and provide limited access to resources. PrepAI is a dynamic online platform designed to revolutionize the interview preparation process for aspiring job seekers. With a comprehensive array of features and a commitment to accessibility, PrepAI offers a user-friendly experience for individuals preparing for interviews in various industries. The primary goal of PrepAI is to provide a centralized hub where users can access mock interviews, resume assessment tools, and invaluable insights tailored to their specific career aspirations. The platform offers a diverse range of mock interview questions, categorized into distinct sections such as aptitude tests, technical interviews, HR, and managerial interviews, PrepAI empowers users to hone their skills across different facets of the interview process. The integration of a resume Applicant Tracking System (ATS) checker adds another dimension to the platform, allowing users to optimize their resumes for specific job applications by aligning them with job descriptions.

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HBotix- A Medical Assistant

Frameworks: Python, Pypdf, Langchain, Ctransformers, Chainlit

Accessing reliable medical guidance is challenging due to limited access to healthcare professionals, overwhelming online information, and complex medical terminology. Existing solutions often lack comprehensiveness, reliability, and user-friendly interfaces, leading to misinformation and delayed treatment. To address these challenges, we propose developing MediBot, an AI-powered chatbot that provides personalized and trustworthy medical guidance in a user-friendly manner, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health.

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Frameworks: React, Node.js, Prisma, Tailwind, Axios, Express.js

An open-source platform where you can donate old or new things (not limited to money). Our website facilitate the connections with those in need through various charitable organizations, ensuring that your generosity reaches those who need it most. Only selected charitable organizations or NGOs are allowed to register.

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Frameworks: HTML, Javascript, Node.js, Express, CSS, EJS, Nodemon

Brainwave is a web-app planned to help students achieve their full potential when self-studying. The basic features that are planned to be made available right from the launch of the app are Pomodoro Timer, To-do List/Scheduler, FocusStream (Allows a distraction free environment when watching YouTube classes/other online lectures. Also has a section to take down notes, which will then be made available on the “My Notes” section.) , Notes Collection (Allows a community driven approach to collecting available notes for a given subject/module.), Achievements/Medal System (Rewards users for the work and effort they put into their education in the form of medals. Provides a slight motivation which could lead to more effort from the students.)

Frameworks : HTML, Javascript, node.js, express, CSS, EJS, nodemon

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Frameworks: HTML, CSS, React, Supabase

Imagine you're browsing the web and stumble upon tons of interesting articles and blog posts. You want to read them all, but who has the time? LinkList is your solution! It's more than just bookmarks. It's like a personalized filing cabinet for your online discoveries.
Here's the magic: LinkList lets you easily save those articles with a single click. You can then organize them by categories like "Tech News," "Travel Inspiration," or even "Recipes to Try." Plus, you can add tags like "must-read" or "later" to prioritize what to tackle first.
But LinkList doesn't just collect dust. It helps you remember those saved gems! Set reminders to revisit articles or get notified when something new pops up in your favorite category. LinkList works seamlessly across all your devices, so you can access your reading list on your phone, laptop, or tablet anywhere, anytime. Think of LinkList as your personal portal to a well-organized world of online knowledge. It empowers you to save what sparks your interest, prioritize what matters most, and ultimately, make the most of the amazing content the web has to offer.

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