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Hackathon Numbers



Hackfiesta v3.0 is set to be an overnight hackathon experience. With invited mentors providing constant support, beginners will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and unleash their potential. Our objective is to foster the creation of innovative, creative, and socially relevant open-source projects. Join us as we tackle real-world challenges and make a difference through technology.

  • Where

    College Auditorium, NSS College of Engineering

  • When

Project ideas that are encouraged :

Project ideas that are not encouraged :


1 . Prior to the event, teams must register using the link provided, to participate in the hackathon.

2 . Food, water and other refreshments will be provided for hackathon participants.

3. Laptops and necessary equipments must be brought by the students to build their projects.

4. Only projects that are created during the time of the hackathon will be considered for acceptance. Previously completed projects will not be accepted.

5. Each team participating in the Hackathon must have 3 - 4 team members. The decision made by the judges on the hackathon prize will be conclusive.

6. Participants are required to exclusively employ open-source softwares and tools in accordance with the rules and regulations of the hackathon.
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